Becoming a member

You can join VMIAC either as a Individual, Group or Associate member.

Individual membership of VMIAC entitles you to:

  • Will receive a regular newsletter and information updates;
  • Can attend meetings about mental heath issues and have your say;
  • Can become actively involved as a volunteer becoming a part of our focus groups;
  • Can vote for or be elected to the Committee of Management;

If you are a non-consumer, you can join as an associate member. As such you:

  • Will receive regular information including the newsletter;
  • Can show your support for the organisation;

Associate members cannot:

  • Vote;
  • Be on the Committee of Management;

Membership Form

To Join VMIAC please fill out the following form, when you click send, the form will be sent and once your application is approved you will be added to our membership list.

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