Aboriginal social and emotional wellbeing – Recommendation 4

The Royal Commission recommends that the Victorian Government, through the Mental Health Implementation Office, expands social and emotional wellbeing teams throughout Victoria and that these teams be supported by a new Aboriginal Social and Emotional Wellbeing Centre. This should be facilitated through the following mechanisms:

  • dedicated recurrent funding to establish and expand multidisciplinary social and emotional wellbeing teams in Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations, with state-wide coverage within five years
  • scholarships to enable Aboriginal social and emotional wellbeing team members to obtain recognised clinical mental health qualifications from approved public tertiary providers, with a minimum of 30 scholarships awarded over the next five years
  • recurrent funding for the Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation to develop, host and maintain the recommended Aboriginal Social and Emotional Wellbeing Centre in partnership with organisations with clinical expertise and research expertise in Aboriginal mental health. The centre will help expand social and emotional wellbeing services through:
  • clinical, organisational and cultural governance planning and development
  • workforce development
  • including by enabling the recommended scholarships
  • guidance, tools and practical supports for building clinical effectiveness in assessment, diagnosis and treatment
  • developing and disseminating research and evidence for social and emotional wellbeing models and convening associated communities of practice.
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