Blog post: Maintaining Friendships in Lockdown

By Robin Litvins-Salter

Today is International Friendship Day.

This is a day to think about the important role friends and friendships play in our lives. From a mental health perspective friendship is one of the strongest support networks we have; but like most things in life, they take energy and commitment to uphold and nurture.

The problem is that the vast majority of us right now are in lockdown and have been for quite some time. We can’t just go around to a friends for dinner, or go to footy training or go to the mums and bubs group. We are locked up at home, and truth be told, a lot of us are feeling really down right now and probably need that support network more than ever.

So what do we do? How do we maintain our friendships in times of lockdown and isolation?

We asked this question to our members and allies, as well as those working here at VMIAC earlier this week and have used those responses as inspiration for this article on how to maintain friendships in isolation.

Read our full blog here.

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