Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Week.

Today is the start of Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Week.

This year’s campaign, ‘Flipping the Script: Changing the Narrative on BPD’ aims to change the way we think and talk about borderline personality disorder.

It encourages people living with BPD to be mindful of the way they think about themselves, allow others to see their challenges, move towards strengths-based self-talk and to celebrate their strengths.

It also challenges families, supporters and people working with those living with BPD to change the way they speak and write about people living with BPD, to encourage and promote the individual’s strengths, reframe their challenges into strengths-based language, educate themselves by accessing new research, and amplify the voice of lived experience.

Click here to take part in events, share art against stigma and more.

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