BPD visual art making and creative movement workshop

Do you self-identify with or have a medical diagnosis of BDP?

Visual art making and creative movement workshops run by lived experience researchers are open for all community members. Aiming to play with, and create art works that can be used to help other better understand these lived experiences, these workshops will be taking place both online and in person at RMIT in March and April.

To find out more read the flyer below.

We at VMIAC are not running these sessions and are promoting them as part of our commitment to promote consumer lead works that could benefit the community. We understand the controversial nature of BPD, it’s diagnosis, the misogyny often associated with it’s diagnosis, and the stigma attached to it. We only promote events and opportunities like this when we believe consumer voices are put first, in order to support those effected by, or who identify with, the diagnosis/label of BPD.

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