Call for Nominations: VMIAC Committee of Management

VMIAC is seeking nominations to fill three casual vacant positions on its Committee of Management. Nominees must be VMIAC members with lived and/or living experience as a consumer of mental health services. Nominations accepted until COB on Thursday 27 April 2023.

Governance: VMIAC is governed by a Committee of Management (CoM). At the AGM Members are elected for a period of two years.  The VMIAC Constitution requires 50% of CoM positions to be elected each year at VMIAC’s annual general meeting (AGM).

The Committee (CoM) has the authority to appoint people to casual vacancies which may occur due to resignations or vacancies between AGMs.

New Challenges: VMIAC is in a period of major transition as a result of the recommendations of the Royal Commission and the establishment of a Mental Health and Wellbeing Division with a Lived Experience Branch. A number of new organisations have been established which have implications for the future of VMIAC.

In addition, VMIAC has received a substantial increase in funding which has increased expectations about its operations. The work of the CoM is challenging and time-consuming, requiring full engagement in strategic decisions about both the reform and the future of the organisation.

These developments require the CoM to be able to lead VMIAC into a new era, ensuring the consumer voice is brought to the centre of decision-making at all levels of reform, and contributes towards the creation of a caring and compassionate service system.

Eligibility: VMIAC is currently seeking nominations to fill three (3) casual vacant positions. Nominees must be VMIAC members and have lived and/or living experience as a consumer of mental health services. Associate members are not eligible to be nominated.

We are seeking expressions of interest from members with the following attributes, skills and experience:

  • An individual member of VMIAC
  • High level governance experience in a not-for-profit organisation
  • Training in governance, such as the Consumers Leading in Governance training program developed by VMIAC
  • Some knowledge of the current mental health system reform based on the recommendations of the Royal Commission
  • Creativity and innovative thinking.

In addition we expect successful nominees to:

  • Attend monthly CoM meetings, each lasting 3-4 hours
  • Participate in at least one working group between CoM meetings. Each working group meets for 2-3 hours
  • Fully read CoM papers prior to the meetings and fully participate in discussions leading to sound decisions
  • Contribute to a meeting environment that ensures all voices are heard, and diversity in opinion is respected and valued.

Remuneration:  As VMIAC is a not-for-profit charity, currently CoM members are not paid. However, we are considering reimbursing members of the CoM for work which contributes to the development of the organisation and its work in the form of a monthly honorarium. Details of this reimbursement currently being clarified and will be provided at the point of EOI.

Given VMIAC’s commitment to inclusivity, equity and diversity, special attention will be given to people from diverse backgrounds such as Indigenous and cultural and ethnic backgrounds. We are also keen to gain representatives from rural communities.

How to Nominate: Nominations will be considered by the CoM to ensure the priorities of skills, experience, diversity and balance are taken into account. Applicants may be interviewed.

Nominations are accepted until COB on Thursday 27 April 2023. To submit a nomination, please download and complete a nomination form and send it to Tricia Szirom at Alternatively, you may fill out a form by clicking this link.

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