Nominations for the VMIAC Committee of Management

We are holding elections for new members of the VMIAC Committee of Management (CoM) at the AGM on 15 November 2023 in Fitzroy, Victoria and online via Zoom.

The following positions will be elected at the AGM.

  • Chair – 1 Nominee
  • Ordinary members – 5 nominees for 4 vacant positions

Get to know the nominees! The updated Nomination Statements are now available for download.

Note: An earlier version of the nomination statements had Tricia’s statements repeated as Anubhav’s. The statements have now been rectified and updated.

One thought on “Nominations for the VMIAC Committee of Management

  1. I can’t participate in zoom nominations but I believe Simon Katterl to be competent and committed. .Simons style of engagement is warm and caring ,with a breadth of human rights knowledge that enables one to feel very confident in their ability to feel sane and clear in moving in the correct direction for advo . His experience and passion in reaching out and making changes happen is truly inspiring .

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