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Organisation Background

VMIAC is the peak Victorian organisation for people with a lived experience of mental or emotional distress.

We’re an advocacy organisation run by consumers, for consumers. We’re also a membership organisation.

Everyone who works at VMIAC identifies as having a lived experience as a consumer or survivor, so we bring a consumer perspective to everything we do.

VMIAC was formed in 1981 during the International Year of Disabled Persons. We were incorporated in 1986.

Originally VMIAC was formed by two social workers as a way to get mental health related disability on the agenda during the Year of Disabled Persons. Today, VMIAC is an entirely consumer-run organisation.

Our Vision

Where all mental health consumers stand proud, live a life with choices honoured, rights upheld, and these principles are embedded in all aspects of society.

Our Governance

VMIAC is governed by a Committee of Management (CoM). Committee members must be VMIAC members and have lived experience as a consumer. Members are elected for a period of two years, with half of the Committee positions being elected each year at VMIAC’s Annual General Meeting.

Our Constitution

VMIAC’s constitution was last updated in 2021. Download our constitution here

Our Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priorities 2019 -2022

Overview: VMIAC Committee of Management Roles and Responsibilities

Members of the CoM hold a position of trust as they act on behalf of the membership in fulfilling the vision and mission of the organisation and hold legal accountability for its operations. This means that, as a group, they:

  • Hold responsibility for alignment of effort with the organisation’s vison, mission, and objectives
  • Develop, review, and oversee implementation of the strategic plan
  • Hire a competent CEO and provide effective supervision and support to the CEO
  • Ensure the financial solvency of the organisation and approve and monitor performance against the annual budget
  • Ensure effective risk management and other controls are in place
  • Ensure respectful and effective relationships with members
  • Agree and promote policy positions that reflect the experience and views of members
  • Agree all governance and operational policy, and
  • Agree terms of reference of sub-committees and working groups, and delegations.

All members have a duty of loyalty to the organisation and are expected to, always, act in the interest of the organisation and in ways that grow confidence in the organisation. The CoM will agree processes for reviewing its own performance, building its capability through governance development activities and transparent succession planning.

Under the Governance Standards of the Australian Charities & Not for Profits Commission (ACNC) members of the Committee of Management are deemed Responsible persons of VMIAC. As such they are required to follow Standard #5: Duties of Responsible Persons as stated below.

Generally, the duties mean that responsible persons should act with standards of integrity and common sense.

Our Expectations

The CoM fulfils its role through regular meetings, with a structure of Committees and Working Groups in which CoM members and staff work collaboratively on business referred by the CoM and/or described in the sub-Committee’s terms of reference.

Members of the CoM are expected to:

  • Attend 80% of Board meetings
  • Attend meetings prepared and having read the papers
  • Contribute positively to the discussions and debates
  • Encourage full exploration of issues utilising the best thinking of the members
  • Take responsibility for one area of the strategic plan, either as convenor or members of a sub-Committee or working group member, and
  • Participate in governance development activities and in planning events.

Sub-Committees and Working Groups

Currently there are two standing Committees and four Working Groups:

  • Human Rights and Ethics Committee (HREsC)
  • Financial and Risk Management Committee (FARMS)
  • Organisation Capability Working Group
  • Membership Working Group
  • Research Committee, and
  • Quality Committee.

Being a member of the CoM requires considerable commitment, as there are several meetings each month and considerable papers to read between meetings.

It is expected that, as well as contributing to monthly CoM meetings, each CoM member will either chair or be a member of at least one Working Group or sub-Committee.

It is expected that all CoM members (including office bearers) will act transparently and report any conflict of interest at the earliest time, as well as treat each other and staff with respect.

VMIAC is committed to supporting members including members new to the CoM or a sub-Committee, to develop governance related skills and relevant knowledge.

Nomination Process

The nomination process is included in the Notice of Meeting for the AGM distributed to all members. For further information please contact Kathy Wilson, Secretary.

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