Consumer consultations on the Mental Health and Wellbeing Act – updates

We have been working on a project to develop resources for consumers to explain your rights under the Mental Health and Wellbeing Act (MHWA), the laws that govern Victoria’s mental health system.

So far, VMIAC held six consultations, including two sessions that focused on the experiences of consumers who live in regional and border regions. About 45 consumers attended these sessions, across a diverse range of ages and backgrounds.

Accessibility, safety, human rights, and support are some of the most important values consumers have raised around the reforms.

Consumers flagged questions about how the Mental Health and Wellbeing Act will be applied across Victoria’s mental health system. For e.g., under the new legislation, services must consider a consumers’ advanced statement of preferences around their care, and follow this to the extent possible. Consumers in rural and remote areas question how this right will apply to them when they may live in areas that are under resourced. 

VMIAC is presently analysing the data from consultations and researching the questions that were raised in each session. Following this, VMIAC will collate the information to determine the best way to deliver it to consumers across Victoria.

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