Consumers’ Contribution to Communities | Mental Health Week

This Mental Health Week, we want to celebrate consumers and showcase their contributions to all communities. We do not hear enough about how valuable our lived experience can be to others, and how all communities benefit from our contributions, skills and knowledge. So, this October, we will be telling the world just how important consumers are to all communities!

  1. Community you live in
    1. Do you impact the community you live in? Do you reach out to friends, family or neighbours, or devote time to this community?
  2. Community of interest
    1. Are you part of a community of interest, such as a book club or community gardening? Does your commitment to this community support others and the wider state?
  3. Community of practice
    1. Are your skills supporting others? Are you dedicating time and effort through your practice to contribute to a society?

We want to hear from you!

From the 10th-18th October, we will be showcasing consumers’ contributions to community, whether it is via a video we have created to share their story, or an online workshop where they can discuss the importance of their work within this community.

If you are interested in sharing your contributions, get in touch at or call on (03) 9380 3900.

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