Courageous Conversations #2: Not Before Time & Membership Meeting

Courageous Conversations #2: Not Before Time

This is a special member event preceded by a quarterly membership meeting. This event is offered in a hybrid format (both online and in-person).

Join us on Thursday August 31 from 4-8pm for an exciting members’ event where will revisit our highly popular event series Courageous Conversations #2: Not Before Time. The event will take place at the Bargoonga Nganjin Community Room, 182 St Georges Rd in Fitzroy North.

The Not Before Time report was released in June 2023, and has been read by over 5000 people across the world, and it has been viewed and shared by thousands more. The report recommends the establishment of a Restorative Justice Process to support people with lived experience to share and process their experiences of harm in the mental health system, followed by a formal apology for the harms they raise.

VMIAC has worked closely with the project team throughout the reports development and wholeheartedly supports these recommendations.

A panel discussion and Q+A session will discuss the teams experience in producing the report, what they hope to see in the future, and what role VMIAC can play in supporting this process.

Panel Discussion

Our panel will share their perspectives on the topic: In the wake of the Not Before Time: Lived Experience-led justice and repair report, what might some next steps be for the VMIAC Community?

  • What can VMIAC do to ensure the Restorative Justice process actually happens?
  • What do we need to think about more to ensure this process has integrity and is healing, rather than causing further harm?
  • How might VMIAC continue to mobilise our allies/those who might support this process?

Our panellists are:

  • Flick Grey (she/her/we) – Report co-author
  • Sharon Williams (she/her) – Report co-author
  • Christopher MacBean (he/him) – Report co-author
  • Lorna Downes (she/her) – Report co-author
  • Kerry Hawkins (she/her) –
  • Tim Heffernan (he/him) –

Attendees will then be invited to further the conversation by engaging in small-group discussions, to share their thoughts and ideas about these important questions.

Don’t miss what promises to be a vital and fascinating Courageous Conversation. See you there!

Membership Meeting

We invite you to join a VMIAC quarterly membership meeting. These meetings are an avenue for members to:

  • connect with VMIAC’s work, operations and governance;
  • inform and advise VMIAC on your aspirations and needs related to mental health policy and service development; and
  • learn more about going-ons in sector and policy development.

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