COVID-19 Staff Proposals Forum (Cancelled)


The Office of the Chief Mental Health Nurse are looking for feedback on proposed COVID-19 related “Surge”, “Hot Spot,” and “Relief” staff teams for bed-based units from people with a lived experience of accessing in-patient/bed based services.

VMIAC will be hosting a forum to discuss these proposals next Tuesday the 23rd from 3:00pm online via Zoom.

Click here to register your interest via Eventbrite.

More information on these three COVID-19 related staff teams can be found via the descriptions below.

COVID-19 Surge team

An entirely new team of staff to replace existing inpatient staff  quarantined for 2 weeks due to exposure to COVID-19 infection. The Surge team would be made up of a mix of general nurses experienced in caring for COVID positive patients and mental health nurses. Both supported by mental health nurse leaders. Consumers on ward may be COVID-19 positive.

Hot spot team

An team of community mental health and infection control staff to go to a Supported Residential Service (or housing tower, rooming house etc.) to support infection prevention and provide mental health assessment, treatment, psychosocial supports and continuity of care for registered mental health clients and any other residents in isolation in their residence due to a COVID-19 outbreak. Staff would be supported by mental health nurse leaders. 

Relief teams

A mixed team of mental health nurses and allied health staff supported by Lived Experience workers under the leadership of a Clinical Nurse Manager to work in bed based units for 4-8 weeks to replace fatigued staff so they can take leave. No more than one third of the staff on the unit would be replaced and the relief team leader would help orient new staff and support all staff to form a unified team. Relief teams would replace the need for agency staff traveling between multiple services for single shifts. It would reduce risk of COVID infections. 

4 thoughts on “COVID-19 Staff Proposals Forum (Cancelled)

  1. Hello,

    I am interested as a Lived Experience Worker but I’m just wondering how many hours per week would it be? I would prefer 1-3 days would be happy to job share with someone to make up full-time hours?


  2. It’s great to see the additional response that has been put in place including surge funding , relief teams etc in response to COVID , however nothing has come towards older adults in the community mental health sector.

    Time to think about the ageing population and ensuring resources are set up equally over all age groups.

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