COVID-19 Support Resources

We understand things are difficult right now, but we have compiled a list of services that are available during this time.

If you are looking for peer support services, CHECK-IN are here to help you with connection and support during this time. Click here to find out more

We have also compiled this list of other support services available during this time. This list is by no means exhaustive, so please comment other orgs and groups we should add to this list.

Asylum Seeker Support Services

Asylum Seeker Support Services
Call 03 9326 6066 or head to their website for more Information

General Mental Health Resources

Crisis Support Line
Call 13 11 14, or head to their website for more information

Beyond Blue
Crisis Support Line
Call 1300 22 4636, or head to their website for more information

LGBTQIA+ Support Line
Call 1800 184 527, or head to their website for more information

Sane Australia
Mental Health Support Line
Call 1800 187 263, or head to their website for more information

Mental Health Support Line for Men
Call 1300 78 99 78, or head to their website for more information

LGBTQIA+ Mental Health Services
Click here to find out more!

Family Violence Resources

The Orange Door
Orange Door family violence support services are running every day but the public holidays.
Find out more here!

Berry Street Family Violence Services
Central Highlands and Northern Suburbs.
Find out more information here

LGBTQIA+ Family Violence Resources
Find out more here

Family Violence Support Line
Call 1800 737 732, or head to their website here for more information

2 thoughts on “COVID-19 Support Resources

  1. Thanks, VMIAC. I know your heart is in the right place, but as a lived experience organisation you surely must know how ineffectual calling these generic services is.

    I imagine that, like me, you’ve possibly contacted these services when in a bad way. If it was like me, the experience is worse than useless – when I contacted 4 of the services from your list, I felt worse after the call than I did before and frustrated.

    These generic services are not designed for people living long-term with a mental health issue – “You can speak with your GP about a mental health care plan.”

    Please, feel free to remove this comment if it is not useful in this fraught time. I don’t want to be needless negative, only provide you with honest feedback. I was immediately excited when I saw the link in the newsletter and thought, “Perhaps there’s a special COVID service or something I haven’t heard of before.”

    1. Hey Benjamin.
      We understand the frustration people have with a lot of these services and sadly there is a gap for people with long term mental health issues. They are highly limiting, and thought they do have their benefits for some, it can be so dependent on who you speak to.
      We did put in some less generic services as well, with recommendations based on whats worked from some our members, but those generic services do have a place in the mental health service space as people have a wide range of lived experience and needs.

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