COVID-19 Update

Over the last few days, all of us in Victoria have had to come to terms with the move to stronger lockdown restrictions as the COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold. The Victorian state government have declared a state of disaster, a change from the previous state of emergency, and everyone across the state will be impacted in some way. For those outside the metro region, this means a return to the stage 3 lockdowns, and for those of us within the Melbourne metro area, a shift to the unprecedented stage 4. 

In order to make sure all of our members are up to date with this new situation, we are currently updating the COVID-19 section of our website. We will be sharing news, updates, as well ways to look after ourselves and engage with our communities. 

For more immediate announcements we have created this page where we have highlighted some key resources, news and updates. 

Mental Health News

The Federal Government have announced that those living in areas currently being affected by a second wave of coronavirus transmissions, will be applicable for an additional 10 Medicare subsidised psychological therapy sessions. This will allow those who have already used their 10 sessions per year, to have access to more support during these difficult times 
Read more about it here!

These new lockdown restrictions brings a whole host of new and unexpected challenges within the mental health space. ABC has done an amazing write up on some of the challenges we are all facing and how this will impact our collective wellbeings. Read it here.


The Guardian have put together a concise rundown of new stage 4 lockdown rules currently affecting those residing in Melbourne. These restrictions are quite complex, and impact all of us from everything to our personal to our professional lives, and penalties for breaking these new restrictions can be quite harsh. Read the article here.
Due to how complicated and all-encompassing these new restrictions are, the ABC have put together an article discussing some of the more niche questions to do with what we can and can’t do under stage 4. Do note these questions are based on viewer questions, and there is a lot of discretion in how these new restrictions are enforced. Read it here.

Part of the new restrictions is that those in the Melbourne Metro region, for the most part, can only travel within a 5km radius. The Age has put together a great tool to see how far 5 kms is for you, just put in your address, and see your radius. Do note, is that there is some debate over if this 5kms is driving distance or a straight radius, so road layouts could change this distance. Check that out here.

We will be updating the COVID-19 section of our website over the coming weeks with more updates, news, and health and well being guides so follow us there for more information. 

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