Disability Royal Commission Update

As consumers, we understand the value of putting trust in people and services to support and care for us. Too often, however, our trust is betrayed. These experiences can wound us, traumatise us, and negatively impact how we see ourselves and the world. 

The Disability Royal Commission’s latest progress report, published in August 2021, again highlights how commonplace experiences of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation are for people with disability. It tells us that more than half of people who have made submissions personally knew the person or people who perpetrated the abuse. Most of these submissions detailed abuse by medical professionals, paid support workers and teachers.

If this is an experience you have had and want to share with the Royal Commission, VMIAC is here to help. You can connect with our Disability Royal Commission support team by either calling VMIAC Reception on (03) 9380 3900 or emailing us at reception@vmiac.org.au.

To find out more about how we are supporting people for the Royal Commission, click here!

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