In 1996, following research to explore how consumers could be involved in service decision making, the Victorian Department of Health took an innovative step in providing funds to services to employ consumer in roles that would focus on quality improvements from the consumer perspective. Over the past 20 years’ consumer knowledge, expertise and leadership has grown and made significant changes to the experiences of consumers across the state.

In 2016, to mark the 20th anniversary of the beginnings of the consumer workforce, VMIAC, as the peak body for consumers, sponsored an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of consumers and consumer workers – The inaugural VMIAC Consumer Awards.

The Awards winners for 2016 were:

Life Time Achievement Award

  1. Cath Roper
  2. Human Rights Award
    Liz Carr and Merinda Epstein
  3. Diversity Award
    Evan Bichara
  4. Consumer Worker of the year (Clinical sector)
    Krystyn Smale
  5. Consumer Worker of the year (Community sector)
    Rick Corney
  6. Consumer Advisory group (clinical or community)