Get involved with Mental Health Week

Saturday 10th – Saturday 17th October

Lived Experience Podcasts

Throughout the week we will be sharing podcasts, where we speak with people with lived experience of mental or emotional distress about their experiences within communities.

Lived Experience Stories: Short Films

As part of the week, we will also be sharing short films of the stories of people with lived experience of mental or emotional distress, allowing them to portray their experiences creatively.

Creative for Community: Art Gallery

We have asked people with lived experience of mental or emotional distress to show us visually with a piece of art, creative writing, photography or even a sculpture, what community means to them! We will be sharing a gallery of their creative work at the end of Mental Health Week.

General mental health awareness content

Monday 12th October

3:00pm – 3.45pm – Interactive webinar with Maggie Toko: VMIAC and its contributions to the consumer community

This 45 minute webinar will see VMIAC’s CEO, Maggie Toko, talk about our consumer run organisation, the services we provide and the contributions we are making to the community of those living with emotional and mental distress. Please click on the link above to register.

Wednesday 14th October

3.30pm – 4.15pm – Interactive webinar with Craig Wallace: The lived experience influence at MHRV

This 45 minute webinar will see Craig Wallace discussing the lived experience influence at Mental Health Reform Victoria, answering questions throughout from participants. Please click on the link above to register.

Friday 16th October

12.30pm – 1.30pm – Introduction to Wayapa Workshop: The ancient ways of wellness and the 14 Wayapa Elements embodiment practice

Wayapa is a modality that allows the transmission of intergenerational wellbeing by immersing in wisdoms and strengths from First Nations of our continent, along with your own personal connection to 14 readily recognised elements. In this group Wayapa taster via Zoom you will be introduced to those 14 elements through guided visualisation. We then complete the movement sequence for those elements from a standing or seated position. You only need room to freely swing your arms around to participate.

Wayapa reminds us that the potential of our existence is enabled by the Earth. So we intentionally recalibrate our systems of knowing, being and doing in reciprocity with the Earth by Wayapa.

Please be aware that there are only 30 spaces available. This is on a first come first served basis. If you register for the event, please ensure you can definitely attend. If your circumstances changed, please let us know so your space can be made available for someone else.

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