Now what are they doing about us, without us?

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One thought on “GET READY

  1. I’m sure you guys are well aware that the fedral government is holding (yet another) inquiry into the mental health system and suicide at the moment. (

    No representation on the committee (that I can see) from the patient/”mentally ill”/suicidal community. It’s being lead by a therapist. And the submissions published thus far (submissions have been closed since 24 Mar) are overwhelmingly from therapists. In fact, I haven’t seen a single submission out of those yet published that has come from a patient, “mentally ill”, suffering or suicidal person!

    I don’t know what all the fuss was about that Kevin Bacon “Hollow Man” movie, back in the 90s, about one lone guy who turns invisable. We’ve had an entire invisable community for decades now! And apparently, we’re all still managing to pull it off in the 2020s! Gotta give us our dues for consistancy, at least!

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