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Amongst the uncertainty surrounding COVID-1D, it is important to surround ourselves with good news stories and help others where we can! Please share your good news stories with us so we can spread the kindness, at To receive this as a weekly newsletter and support the work we do, become a member!

100 Laps Before His 100th
99-year-old war veteran, Captain Tom Moore, has raised £16m and counting for the UK’s NHS after walking 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday. 

The Giant Pandas
Conservationists are rejoicing! After closing the zoo due to COVID-19, two giant pandas have finally mated after being roommates for 13 years years!

Welcome Home
A 54-year-old Spanish woman was surprised by a welcome party from her neighbours after she recovered from coronavirus.

World’s Longest Animal
Whilst on expedition in the high seas off the Western Australian coastline, scientists have discovered the world’s longest animal.

Romeo and Juliet
An 88-year-old Massachusetts man barred from visiting his wife’s nursing home because of the coronavirus used a bucket truck just to get a glimpse of his beloved.

Uplifting Hotline
A team of Canadian high schoolers created a hotline that plays pre-recorded messages of positivity, jokes, stories, guided mediations, and educational messages.

Physical Distancing Buddies
Here’s who’s helping us get through COVID-19 as we maintain physical distance at home.

Running For A Kebab
West Australian Premier Mark McGowan couldn’t maintain his composure as he discussed running to get kebabs whilst maintaining physical distancing.

Helping Others
Incredible college student has been sewing free face masks for communication with people with hearing impairments.

Diligent Dog
If dogs couldn’t get any better, this diligent golden retriever has been delivering groceries, meals, and mail to its senior neighbour who is unable to leave her house due to quarantine.

Living Art
Art lovers have been recreating masterpieces using everyday items while in quarantine.

My Neighbours Care
Our NDIS Information and Support and Policy Officer, Shellie, shares contemplations over compassionate moments she has experienced during physical distancing.

Isolate like an Antarctican
Top tips on how to maintain physical distancing and staying indoors from the experts who choose to do it.

How Can You Help?
Teens in America have been taking matters into their own hands to help first responders and small business during COVID-19.

Easter Bunny is Eggssential
Don’t worry, the Easter bunny has been cleared to enter Australia as an eggssential traveller, so she or he can deliver all the chocolate eggs to the people of the country.

TV host Jimmy Fallon sparks a viral social media campaign, #QuarantineAMovie, encouraging the Twitter community to change the names of familiar favourites to quarantine related phrases.

Centres for Essential Workers’ Children
New York city opens centres for children of healthcare and other essential workers on the Front Lines of COVID-19 whilst they save the lives of the locals!

Bill Gates Building Factories
Bill Gates is now building factories to produce 7 of the most promising COVID-19 vaccines.

Elephants Freed
Dozens of elephants used for carrying tourists have been freed of the huge wooden and metal seats they are forced to wear, as parks in Northern Thailand close due to COVID-19. Camps have announced when they reopen, visitors will only be able to observe them in their natural habitat.
3D Printing At Its Finest
3D printer owners across New Zealand are printing thousands of plastic masks to protect frontline medical staff for understocked clinics around the country.
Generous Pete
Melbourne man coined “Generous Pete” withdrew $10,000 and was seen handing out $100 bills to people queuing outside Centrelink after job cuts came into place last week.
Jar Of Possibilities
Jane from our NDIS Education Team, has created a jar of possibilities in her home, to store dreams, ideas and goals as you go. The idea was born out of International Peer Support training she attended in 2019, which is now being used by her entire family.
The CoVent
In just 10 days, James Dyson and his employees designed and built a brand new ventilator after receiving a plea from UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, for 10,000 ventilators to support efforts by the country’s National Health Service to treat coronavirus.
Joining Forces
Companies across the globe have started making products they don’t usually, to help the medical efforts in treating coronavirus, including Underground Spirits halting production of their spirits to produce hand sanitiser.
Adopt A Healthcare Worker
Facebook groups across Australia have appeared, encouraging members to “adopt” healthcare workers in their community who are excessively working or having to self-isolate, due to COVID-19.
Let The Water Flow
After three years of drought, Menindee – town in far western NSW – has received significant flows into its lake system, with water releases reconnecting the Darling with the Murray River
Singing Surgeon
Brisbane surgeon, Dr Geoff Muduioa, has been bringing laughter and joy to the hospital staff and patients as he bursts into spontaneous singing and dancing amid some messaging about COVID-19.
Donate A Book
UK based book subscription company, Bookishly, have created self-care packages, as well as an option to donate a book to someone in need. They are shipping internationally to people in isolation across the globe.
People around the UK took part in an emotional tribute to the NHS and care workers who are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, with the country applauding simultaneously 26 March.

Be Kind To Your Neighbours
A VMIAC staff member found this wonderful letter in their lift, with rolls of toilet paper underneath for those in need to help themselves.

The Spanish Singing Police
With Spain in lockdown, Spanish police were seen singing and playing guitar to entertain families in Mallorca.

Love Surpasses Everything
A couple get married in the streets of New York – at a safe distance from others – due to closure of the marriage bureau. Their friend performed the ceremony from his 4th storey apartment whilst he was in self-isolation.
A woman has designed a postcard aimed at helping people to look after their neighbours if they are self isolating. The postcard has gone viral and can be printed by anyone across the globe.
#ViralKindness is a hub for the community care groups springing up across the country to support people in need or in self isolation during the crisis. Find or start local groups near you.
Happy 92nd Birthday
A family in Rhode Island surprise their 92-year-old grandfather with a birthday parade due to physical distancing.
Started by Global Citizen in partnership with WHO, #TogetherAtHome is a virtual concert series. Musicians across the globe are live-streaming at-home concerts for you to watch during self-isolation.
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