Ending seclusion and restraint in Victoria

Registrations of interest to participate in this consultation opportunity have now closed. Thank you to all consumers who have expressed their interest in taking part. Want to know more about this project? Scroll down. To contact our research team: research@vmiac.org.au

VMIAC consumer engagement contributes to Victoria’s strategy to end seclusion and restraint in the public mental health system.

Content warning: this notice discusses being secluded or restrained in mental health services

What are seclusion and restraint?

  • Seclusion is being left alone in a room against your will.
  • Being restrained includes being physically held against your will, emotionally threatened or manipulated, or given medication to manage your behaviour rather than for treatment.’

Run by consumers

  • VMIAC and the Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (VACCHO) have been funded by the Victorian Department of Health to gather consumer perspectives on ending the use of seclusion and restraint in the Victorian public mental health system.

What’s it about?

  • Consumers who have experienced or feared being secluded or restrained in the Victorian public mental health system, or seen this happen to others, were invited to have their say about what needs to change to end their use.
  • Consumer advice will be presented to a community working group advising the Department of Health on their strategy to eliminate seclusion and restraint. VMIAC is also a member of the working group, along with carer and supporter representatives, clinicians, and members of the lived experience and non-consumer mental health service workforce. The Department’s strategy is in response to the Royal Commission’s Recommendation 54 to end the use of seclusion and restraint in Victoria. The strategy is intended to drive change that makes mental health services more accountable, give consumers more control over their care, and lead changes to services. See VMIAC’s Seclusion Reports for our consumer-led research about how, when, and why seclusion and restraint are used in Victoria.

Need more information?

Contact VMIAC: research@vmiac.org.au or 0450 905 254.
Victorian Department of Health, Mental Health Policy team: mentalhealthpolicy@health.vic.gov.au

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