Heidi Everett

“An exquisite literary memoir about the wonder, the humour, and the realities that exist beyond what is printed in a person’s mental health file”

Heidi is a wonderful friend of VMIAC and is currently doing a series of talks in regards to her memoir, My Friend Fox, exploring her experiences of mental health, disability and her own personal journey. This is a great opportunity to support a wonderful lived experience creative.

Find our more about her book, My Friend Fox, here!

Friday 10 September 7PM New Beginnings.

Join three writers—Heidi Everett, Nicole Smith and Beau Windon—as they each respond to the prompt of New Beginnings and discuss a new way of being, one where disability justice is paramount and intersecting forms of oppression are confronted and subverted. Hosted by Andy Jackson.


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Wednesday 15 September 5:30PM Frank Talk

My version of events that happened to me involves things that the mental health system will never understand because to understand, it needs to take its pointy shoes off and walk softly through the grass.’ Heidi Everett, My Friend Fox.

Join Heidi Everett in conversation with author and presenter Andrea Rowe, covering everything mental health and psychosocial  diversity.


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