International Women’s Day Lunch at VMIAC: Guest speakers announced

We are proud to announce our inspirational guest speakers for our International Women’s Day event on Tuesday 10th March. Don’t forget to get your tickets here

Autumn is the Health Promotion Manager at Women’s Health East, the regional women’s health promotion agency supporting the Eastern Metropolitan Region of Melbourne.

She has experience working across the prevention spectrum both abroad and here in Australia focusing on multi-level advocacy and community, as well as organisational capacity building. With a background in Public Relations and a Master of International Public Health, she is well positioned to apply her change management communication skills within a rapidly evolving interdisciplinary sector. Autumn also sits on the Women’s Mental Health Alliance.

Charlotte has a long background in mental health having both personal and professional experience going back to the late 1970s in Western Australia. She worked on developing innovative services to young and homeless people in WA, as well as contributing to the review of the WA Mental Health Act in the 1990s, whilst serving as the Deputy Director of WACOSS. During her tenure as CEO of the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria, she was part of the working group that developed key concepts for the Assessment and Referral Court List, providing support to people with mental health and/or cognitive issues affecting their offending.

Since leaving the Court she has worked in the disability field, primarily with Scope Australia, actively involved in providing support to people living with all disabilities. She was appointed as a Community Member of the Mental Health Tribunal (formerly the Mental Health Review Board) in 2013. Charlotte has lived experience of mental illness herself, including the experience of being hospitalised on several occasions.

Former competitive boxer, Mim now owns her own boxing gym to help women achieve their goals and be the best version of themselves. Struggling through her own emotional trauma, boxing became her lifeline, and so much more than a sport. In a very male-dominated sport, Mim became a competitive boxer in gyms that were mostly men, trained every day, sparred whoever her trainer told her to, listened, learned and dedicated herself; gaining success as a local athlete on her way to the Olympics.

Mim has a hard-hitting, genuine approach to inspiring women to change their mindset and use those difficult times to learn, grow and become stronger. “It’s not about how hard you hit, it’s about how many times you can be hit and keep moving forward.”

Tricia has a wealth of organisational experience in government, both state and federal, community organisations and consultancy. She has been on several NGO boards such as YACVIC, ACOSS, and with her many years of lived experience in addressing her mental health challenges, VMIAC. She acted as Chair on the VMIAC Committee and currently as CEO, where she is now committee observer on the Ministerial Advisory Committee and co-Chair of the Lived Experience Advisory Group (LEAG). She is also a contributor to the implementation of the RCMH in Victoria.

Her experience includes Meta Evaluation of Partnerships against domestic violence; women’s rights advocacy; the development of women’s health plan and refuges, and the Women’s Information Referral Exchange. With a PhD in Education, Tricia also has a keen interest in adult education and training. She has represented Australia in UN delegations in Asia, USA and Africa. For 18 years she ran Success Works, a small consultancy company which undertook reviews, strategic thinking and evaluations of government and community sector programs.

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