Investing in community to protect mental health

The Chair of VMIAC, Chris Maylea, and Chair of our Human Rights and Ethics sub-Committee, Simon Katterl, alongside other members of our Committee of Management and experts in mental health, have shared their concerns about the targeting of the federal government’s Budget funding for additional mental health services provided under the Better Access program.

This post shared in Croakey questions the narrow focus of the Budget’s response; poses alternative methods that are proven effective, such as moving beyond the individual and directing to networks and communities; how we must tackle social inequalities to reduce mental health problems; alternatives to medicalisation; and so much more.

It is a marvellous research-based response that understands the care, support and approaches that must be taken within communities, with a focus on achieving both health and dignity.

“While the virus does not discriminate, its consequences are felt disproportionately by those already marginalised and disadvantaged.”

Read the full article here

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