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The Lived Experience Advisory Group (LEAG) was established to ensure that consumer, family and carers are partners in public mental health policy development, service design and delivery.

The overall purpose of the Lived Experience Advisory Group (LEAG) is to:

  • Ensure lived experience perspectives are incorporated into the operations of the Mental Health Branch.
  • Provide subject matter expertise to the Department on current and emerging issues
  • Advise on current and emerging policy and practice, based on members’ expertise.
  • Provide oversight of engagement activities, such as targeted advisory groups (TAGs)

Meetings are chaired collaboratively by Director of the Mental Health Branch, the Chief Executive Officer of the Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council, and the Chief Executive Officer of Tandem.

Along with members who are in lived experience roles, membership includes one consumer consultant and one carer consultant (working within publicly funded mental health services) as well as one consumer and one carer/family member from the community (i.e. not employed as a consumer or carer consultant).

Membership also includes the Independent Mental Health Advocacy Service, the Mental Health Complaints Commissioner, the Centre for Mental Health Learning and Mental Health Branch executives.

The LEAG has been meeting since April 2019 and currently meets monthly.

Nomination Process

Expressions of interest are now open for one consumer position.

Process for nomination:

  1. An expression of interest form (this document) will be distributed via all lived experience workforce and community networks to enable all consumers and carers/family members to have the opportunity to nominate.
  2. Those who are interested will complete the expression of interest form and email back to the nominated contact by close of business Thursday 23 July 2020.
  3. All expressions of interest will be reviewed by a selection panel and those who are shortlisted will be invited to attend an interview.
  4. Interviews will take place in early July 2020 and will recommend one of the nominations to the co-chairs for endorsement.
  5. Once this process has been completed, those who nominated will be notified of the outcome.


Relevant persons are asked to complete the expression of interest questions overleaf and return this form to

If you have any questions about this expression of interest please contact Danilo Di Giacomo, Manager, Lived Experience Engagement at or on (03) 9096 8288.

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