Lived Experience Advisory Panel EOI

The Victorian Collaborative Centre is recruiting for their Lived Experience Advisory Panel.

This is a great opportunity for consumer leaders to influence the future of the collaborative centre

This Advisory Panel will provide strategic advice to the Board, Executive Director and Establishment Team on the Collaborative Centre’s priorities for the next 12 months.

EOIs are now open till Wed 16th of November . click the link below to find out more!

For any and all additional details including contact details, and forms, click here and scroll down to “Expressions of interest for Lived Experiences Advisory Panel (LEAP)” Section

2 thoughts on “Lived Experience Advisory Panel EOI

  1. Hi
    What is the closing date for the EOI in the Collaborativre Centre LEAP please. Have looked carefully but I cant find it.

  2. Referring to my previous question. When reading the terms of reference and the other relevant information in the newsletter, there is no indication of what sort of things they want us to address in the EOI. How long should it be approximately, what topics should be covered etc.?

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