Mental Health and COVID-19 Survey#2

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To better understand how this second wave of COVID-19 has affected you and what we can do to help, we have created this Mental Health and COVID-19 Survey #2. Your feedback will allow us to compare your experiences with the first wave of COVID-19, and refine our services to better support you.

The Department of Health and Human Services have also advised us that our initial COVID-19 survey was a touchstone for Victoria’s mental distress during the pandemic, specifically raising concerns around the rate of suicide. Therefore, your feedback will impact how mental health is recognised and supported not just by VMIAC, but by the DHHS.

Content warning: this survey asks about experiences that you may find distressing, including suicide and self-harm. If you are triggered by any questions in this survey, please call us immediately on 03 9380 3900 or our new CHECK-IN service 03 9380 3915.

‘First wave of COVID-19’: the time from the original lockdown in March to when the restrictions eased in early July.
‘Second wave of COVID-19’: the time from the reinstatement of stage 3 restriction in early July and the introduction of stage 4 restrictions, to present.

Questions about you: we ask these to better understand the differences in mental distress based on demographics, so that support can be refined dependent on these differences.

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