Community Poetry by Katerina Mitrevska

I wrote the poem below after reading VMIAC’s initiative for community mental health. In this poem, I am referring to the community I have created for myself where I can heal, love, thrive, and encourage others to do the same. 

Katerina Mitrevska 

Contentment is what I feel 
When I think of you 
A reflection of who I am.
Happiness projected 
In your voices of hope. 
Spark in your eyes. 
Peace with the past. 
Admiration for today. 
Aspiration for tomorrow. 

I know you can. 
I trust you will 
Fall in love with yourself 
And laugh at the madness.


Ignorance is pathetic.
Judgement is undesireable.

Until you know the true story,
Do not make assumptions,
Do not dare to speak
About the reason, about the pain.
Toughening up won’t solve the problem;
Unlike being tolerant and respectful will.

This is not a job for the strong-muscled man.
It is a project for the fierce of soul.

Humanly Profound

Everyone –
Pause for a moment;
Take a look around.
It is not difficult
To see the profound meaning
Of human connections.

One kind word is all that’s needed.
Acknowledge the pain,
And the other will gain
Strength and encouragement,
Support to fight
The negative thoughts
That constrain the mind.

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