National Diabetes Week

This week we have been giving extra attention to the impact diabetes and other chronic health issues can have on mental health, in recognition of National Diabetes Week and this year’s focus on the mental health of those living with diabetes.

Firstly, here’s some of the facts:

  • ·More than a third of people say they feel burned out dealing with the added pressure and stress of living with and managing diabetes.
  • Nearly 50% of people with diabetes say they have experienced mental health challenges in the last 12 months.
  • More than 80% of people with diabetes have not been offered psychological support.
    (source: Headsup Diabetes)

At VMIAC, we want our consumers to know we are aware of the unique mental health issues faced by those living with chronic illness’ such as diabetes, so we have compiled a list of interesting articles on the topic to help any of our consumers who may be impacted.

Depression and Mental Health

This article by Diabetes Australia gives a quick rundown on depression and it’s relation to diabetes.

How Does Diabetes Affect Mood and Relationships?

An insightful piece of writing that explores how to navigate diabetes related mood swings and mental health issues when they cause strain on relationships.

Diabetes and Emotional Health (PDF)

This handbook by Diabetes Australia for the National Diabetes Service Scheme is an amazing resource for health professionals working with adults with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

Millions of Australians suffering from combined physical, mental ill health, new report finds

An ABC news article from 2018 looking at the connection between chronic health, such as diabetes, and direct connection with mental health issues.

For more information on National Diabetes Week, check out Heads Up Diabetes by Diabetes Australia.

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