New Year, New Opportunities

2021 brings a new year and new opportunities. We have a lot of amazing projects in the works, as well as podcasts, blogs and other content highlighting some of the diversity of needs, perspectives, and experiences of those engaged with the mental health system in Victoria. Reply below what diverse perspectives, issues, and topics you want us to delve into this year as we work to ensure everyone’s voices are heard.

One thought on “New Year, New Opportunities

  1. Some things to research and lobby for.

    Industry predilection to Induced medical Dependency. Psychiatry predilection toward Medical Escalation. Human tracking: how is it done. Police and Industry information sharing. Deluded Psychiatry reportage. Linkage between government stances and Industry drift. Social imperatives governing Psychiatry delusions. Lack of legal oversight upon Psychiatry. Official law and Psychiatry governance. The empowerment of Psychiatry and the Industry. The idea of absolute power corruptors. The disempowerment of the ‘other’. When exactly does disempowerment occur for the Mentally ill. The overall view of the Mentally ill by the Industry. The real purpose of CTO’s and other captive instruments.

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