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“If you have experienced or are experiencing distress, you have the right to be recognised, respected, and included in policy decision making related to your healthcare needs.”

The VMIAC Consumer Register is for consumers and people with lived and living experience of distress. It was established and is managed by VMIAC in partnership with the Victoria Department of Health.

We have 2 exciting new Consumer Register opportunities that we are opening up to a wider range of consumers. These are your chances to be on the ground floor of real systemic change and be paid for your expertise and insight. This is also an opportunity to find out what it means to be a part of our Consumer Register and find out if it is right for you.

If you are not already a Consumer Register member, you are welcome to be a part of these opportunities, but if you want to be involved with future opportunities.

Our Agency

For some members of our community, the move to the create Our Agency is the most important outcome of the Royal Commission into Victoria’s mental health system.

It is a unique opportunity for people with lived and living experience (LLE) to lead the creation of a new space and a new LLE agency. Our Agency will play an active role in leading and ensuring that LLE organisations and services are part of the Victorian mental health system.

VMIAC and SHARC are leading the formation of Our Agency. We are seeking consumers with LLE of mental health and emotional distress, who are one or more of the following:

  • identifies as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, culturally and linguistically diverse, living with a disability, or LGBTQIA+;
  • aged 18-25 years old;
  • a declared/designated LLE worker;
  • living in rural or regional Victoria.
  • About the opportunity: Three exploratory conversations to guide the formation of Our Agency, a new organisation led by people with LLE.
  • Time commitment: Total contact time of 90 minutes in a group conversation on 26, 28 or 29 September 2022

Building a vision for better mental health outcomes

The Department of Health is seeking three (3) people with lived and living experience (LLE) of mental health and emotional distress, who are interested in, or have experience in data collection and use. Skills or experience in project monitoring, learning and evaluation would be an advantage for this opportunity.

About the opportunity: Participate in a workshop to guide the Department of Health on what they should measure, and how they should measure their performance in the mental health system reform.

Time commitment: A 3-hour workshop from 1-4pm on Wednesday 21 September 2022.
Payment: $218

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