Our Physical Distancing Buddies

This is Abbey. She is 13 years old and we bought her from the RSPCA in Ballarat as a rescue dog when she was 5 years old. My bed is her favourite place to be alone although she knows she’s not supposed to be there – in this photo she put on her best  ‘not impressed’ face when discovered –  she warms my heart so I let her stay! – Jane.
This is Alistair! Living in a VERY small apartment on the 6th floor makes it difficult to have any pets, so we have the stuffed kind instead! He’s relatively new the family, but very welcomed and loved! –
Emily x

My name is Bella. I live my mum, Shellie, from VMIAC.
I’m enjoying the fact that mum is at home all the time, except that she can see where I hide my snacks.
My interests include watching SBS on demand, reading historical research and going for walks, mainly because my mum carries me, these days. 
I turned 17 this month!
Love from Bella xx  
– Shellie.
Purrrfect display of relaxation. What a handsome cat! This is Cicero.

Here’s Claude with his favourite toy!   
He loves a sploot (the technical term for the position he is laying in the photo) and barking at animals on the TV.  
He’s my housemates dog, so I get all of the love and non of the responsibility 😊
 – Jessica L. 

This is Florence now 10 weeks old, named after Florence Nightingale the famous nurse AND Florence Griffith Joyner (FloJo) the great American athlete. Florence’s ability to stay in the moment without ‘cat’tastrophising is inspiring. Whether she’s trying to eat a fly or having a snooze we think she’s great .
If any cat could inspire you to adopt your own fur baby this cat can! What a beauty! This is Peggy. She likes laps.
Nice to see Queen Nugget strutting her stuff in the back yard.
You don’t always need a dog to get some exercise. Shadow also likes a walk! She is the picture of health and wellness!
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