Participants for person centred care and consumer directed care concepts in mental health services project

Opportunity to attend a series of online codesign meetings on exploring person centred care and consumer directed care concepts in mental health services 

Information about participating in the meetings

VMIAC is partnering with the University of South Australia and the National Mental Health Commission to support 3 consumer representatives to participate in a series of codesign meetings which explore consumer perspectives on person-centred care and consumer directed care concepts in mental health care provision.  

The project has recently completed a select number of consultations with diverse consumer, community and clinical groups.   We are summarizing all of the input and will work with a group of 15-18 consumers, carers, clinicians and academics to set directions for a report for the Commission.

The report will aim to assist care providers, consumer and carers groups to better understand the basis of both person-centred care and consumer directed care principles and practices.  This report will be used to generate discussion at a national level.   

It is expected that this report will focus on the similarities and differences between person-centred care and consumer directed care and understand stakeholders’ preferences to mental health care planning and delivery. The research will also identify evidence relating to each care concept, and how this is linked to improved mental health outcomes as described in clinical and lived experience terms.  

Online meeting dates  (all times Aust Eastern Standard time) (all on Zoom)

Monday 28th March – Briefing and Introductions 12.30pm-2pm

Wednesday 30th March – What’s most important 12.30pm-2pm

Wednesday 6th April – Creating directions 12.30-2pm

You will need to be set up at home with internet and able to connect into the zoom platform with a working microphone and preferably camera too.  

The group discussions will work through the key themes and ideas that have been shared during earlier consultations.  An example of these are provided in the invitations slides.   The sessions will have small group discussions of 3-4 people to allow people to share and discuss ideas, as well as big group discussions to feedback and see what the group overall is contributing. 

At the end of the 3 sessions – we will have a focused way of describing whats most important in person centred and consumer directed care, and what shifts are recommended for mental health organisations and sectors. 

These directions will be the basis of the report the project team will then write up

Consent and privacy considerations

Its not expected that participants will need to share personal information during the meetings.  These will be focused on talking through the ideas and powerpoint slides used in the meetings. You name will not be listed in any public reports. 

Payment for participation 

Participation in the focus group will be recognised by a payment of $125 per session, which is at rates set by the National Mental Health Commission Participation Policy.   Australia Post Visa Gift Cards will be used to offer payments.

Further information 

If you are interested in this opportunity, please discuss with Chantelle Higgs, Membership Lead at VMIAC on  (email) T: (03) 9380 3900

To contact the facilitators at UniSA, please contact Joshua McDonough, Project Manager, Tel 08 8302 5988 or email: 

Or Mark Loughhead, Lived Experience Lecturer, Tel 8302 1267 or

There is some further background information available including a plain language summary of the project and a discussion paper.  People attending are encouraged to read these.

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