Royal Commission Workshops

The Royal Commission final report is due in Feb 2021. To prepare our response to what might and might not be in that report, VMIAC is holding a series of workshops. We are being supported by a working group that has identified 10 potential topics, and we are now inviting members to join us to discuss what we want the Commission to recommend on each of these topics.

For those doing this outside of their work, will be organise remuneration with a gift voucher.

Registration via Eventbrite, dates are listed below.
Zoom invites and further information will be sent out prior to each event.

Workshop 7Tuesday Jan 12th:
The Integration by Government- The Role of Social Determinants
Workshop 8Thursday Jan 14th:
10am – 12pm
Governance of the System
Workshop 9Tuesday 19th Jan: 
How to Make the System Diverse 
Workshop 10Tuesday 19th Jan: 
Reform of the Mental Health Act
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