Schizy Talks

Schizy Talks is a regular online social space for people with a schizophrenia or schizoaffective diagnosis. Meet others on a similar path, discover new ideas and unpack interesting topics relative to the unique experience of schizophrenia.
Here are some answers to common questions about Schizy Talks;

Who’s it run by? Schizy Inc.

What time and when? 6PM last Sunday of each Month

How do I get involved? Contact Schizy Inc at

How much? free but you need internet with Zoom

How long does the meet up go for? one hour

What’s the vibe? friendly optimism

What are some topics you might discuss? creativity, traditional and alternative treatments, healing, recovery, meds, the mental health system, animals, spirituality, sport, hobbies, friendships, work, hopes, dreams, lived/living experience.

Is there a criteria for people to join the space? schizophrenia/schizoaffective lived experience. While we love our peers with other mental health realities, this is purely a schizy-land space.

Who facilitates the space? Sandy Jeffs and Michel Tuomy, with Heidi Everett as moderator.

How many people usually attend? around 5-10, depending on the weather.

What are guidelines on sharing experiences? As Schizy Talks is a social space, we don’t go into complex trauma dialogue or stories of harm. Facilitators will moderate any c-PTS dialogue that starts to go down that path.

What if I’m nervous about revealing my secret identity on Zoom? Welcome to the club Marvelous Super Hero! Cameras can be left off but we encourage them to be on to allay feelings of paranoia in others.

Can I bring my dog? Yes.

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