Senate Inquiry into ADHD

There is a Federal inquiry into the Barriers to consistent, timely and best practice assessment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and support services for people with ADHD. The Senate referred this to the Senate Community Affairs References Committee for inquiry and report by 27 September 2023.

The Inquiry will look into:

  • adequacy of access to ADHD diagnosis;
  • adequacy of access to supports after an ADHD assessment;
  • the availability, training and attitudes of treating practitioners, including workforce development options for increasing access to ADHD assessment and support services;
  • impact of gender bias in ADHD assessment, support services and research;
  • access to and cost of ADHD medication, including Medicare and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme coverage and options to improve access to ADHD medications;
  • the role of the National Disability Insurance Scheme in supporting people with ADHD, with particular emphasis on the scheme’s responsibility to recognise ADHD as a primary disability;
  • the adequacy of, and interaction between, Commonwealth, state and local government services to meet the needs of people with ADHD at all life stages;
  • the adequacy of Commonwealth funding allocated to ADHD research;
  • the social and economic cost of failing to provide adequate and appropriate ADHD services;
  • the viability of recommendations from the Australian ADHD Professionals Association’s Australian evidence-based clinical practice guideline for ADHD;
  • international best practice for ADHD diagnosis, support services, practitioner education and cost; and
  • any other related matters.

To find out more about the scope of the inquiry, please see the terms of reference.

To make a submission, visit this website or email

The Inquiry is accepting submissions until Friday June 9, 2023.

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