Shape VMIAC’s Strategic Plan 2023-2026

We want your expertise for VMIAC’s Strategic Plan 2023-2026  

As a membership-based organisation, it is vital VMIAC members’ views, experiences and ideas inform VMIAC’s strategic direction.  

The Engagement team are planning activities to hear from members and consumers to develop VMIAC’s 2023-2026 Strategic Plan. 

The Strategic Plan is important. It will inform the sort of membership-focussed organisation we need to be across Victoria. It will set our strategic and advocacy priorities, as well as identify our future partners and allies. 

What feedback do we want from Members and Consumers?   

VMIAC wants to hear ideas and views on the following topics:   

  • How can VMIAC achieve its goal to become a truly innovative and inclusive organisation and one which is well engaged with and informed by members? 
  • What do you think should be the top three strategic issues for VMIAC to focus its work on?  
  • What should VMIAC’s advocacy priorities be as we push for change in the mental health and wellbeing system?  
  • Who should be our partners in the ongoing struggle for real change on the ground for consumers/members?  

How are we gathering your lived and living experience expertise? 

There are four ways members and consumers can contribute to the development of VMIAC’s Strategic Plan 2023-2026:  

  1. Participate in online consultations being held on: 

These consultation sessions are being co-facilitated by VMIAC in partnership with Consumer Consultant Kathy Wilson (she/her). Kathy is a former Chair of the VMIAC Committee of Management (COM) and the current Chair of the Barwon South West Interim Regional Body. She has a keen interest in strategic thinking and planning in the mental health sector and regularly works with organisations to support strategic planning and review. We are also fortunate to be joined by Graphic Illustrator, Sarah Firth who will uniquely and creatively take notes for us.

VMIAC has chosen to hold online sessions to ensure people with different accessibility needs are involved and because people in regional and rural settings have told us online events increase their ability to engage with us.   

  1. Complete a strategy planning questionnaire (click here)  

If using the link prevents you from contributing, please call VMIAC on 9380 3900 and we can send you the questionnaire in a different format. Or you can email and we will send you a form.  

  1. Have a 30-minute discussion with a member of VMIAC’s Engagement Team   

You can provide your feedback by phone, or online (via Teams or Zoom).  

Click here to see the times available for members and consumers to speak to the Engagement Team and make a booking.  

You can also call 9380 3900 to book a time or email your preferred time to  

  1. Feedback by mail 

Please tell us if you would like the survey to be sent by mail. To contribute this way, call us on 9380 3900 and we will collect your details. You can also email us at with your details.   

When are we collecting feedback from members and consumers? 

VMIAC is taking feedback from Members and Consumers from Wednesday 26th April until 11pm on Tuesday 16th May, 2023. 

These opportunities are only for people with lived and living experience 

VMIAC is seeking input from our Individual Members and Consumers. These opportunities are not for Associate Members. This is because Associate Members (like service providers) have other avenues to share their feedback as we develop the Strategic Plan.  These opportunities are outlined below. 

How we will develop the new Strategic Plan  

VMIAC’s Chair, Tricia Szirom is leading the strategic planning process. In addition to the feedback from Members and Consumers, VMIAC is seeking feedback from: 

  • Stakeholders such as grass roots community organisations 
  • Consumers in Governance roles (including on Regional Boards and Advisory Groups) Register Here
  • Lived and Living Experience Workforce
    Register Here  
  • VMIAC staff 
  • VMIAC’s COM 

The intention is for our new Strategic Plan to be signed off by the COM in June 2023.  

Please share this opportunity with your networks 

We are calling for Individual Members and Consumers to tell others VMIAC is seeking feedback from people with lived and living experience to develop our Strategic Plan. We need your help to ensure we hear loud and quiet voices as part of our process. 

Here are some of the ways we think you can help us reach other consumers:  

  • Tell your friends and family (who have lived and living experience) to join in the conversation 
  • Share information about the feedback sessions on your social media pages 
  • Tell us who you think VMIAC should contact by phone on 9380 3900 or email us at  

We also need the support of Associate Members and Stakeholders 

We are calling on our allies to support us in this activity. As an Associate Member, you can help VMIAC at this critical juncture by doing the following: 

  • Contact and talk to us about how we can get in touch with consumers accessing your services 
  • Share the attached graphic on your organisation’s socials media platforms 
  • Supporting consumers engaged with your service to participate in these feedback sessions. 

Thank you for being a member and being part of the movement for change.  

VMIAC remains committed to achieving our vision of consumers’ rights being respected and our choices being upheld. Your expertise is instrumental in achieving this.  

Your feedback will inform VMIAC’s response to the ongoing roll-out of the Victorian mental health system’s reform, and to the way VMIAC works more broadly as the peak body for consumers.  Your involvement will help ensure members’ and consumer experiences sit at the heart of our work. 

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