Sincerely Survivor at Adelaide Fringe 19 Feb – 21 March

In an era where the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System is due to be released any day, we sit on the edges of our seats awaiting the hope of a new and reformed mental health system. Come join us on a journey of mental health advocacy and artistry – an invitation to healing – with the touring season of Sincerely Survivor at Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Sincerely Survivor debuted in 2020 at Melbourne Fringe and was awarded the Best Emerging Performance Ensemble Award and nominated as one of the Best in Dance.

We are excited to announce that Sincerely Survivor will be showing every night at Adelaide Fringe from 19th Feb until 21 March – 7pm ACDT (Adelaide time) and 7:30pm AEDT (Melbourne time). Tickets are now selling for $20pp or $50 for a household. Half of ticket sale profits from this dance film will be going towards the future development of ‘Sincerely Survivor the Documentary’ which provides a platform for an even more diverse representation of survivors of the MH system to share their stories – in a way that shows their strength and full humanity.

Sincerely Survivor seeks to amplify the voices and stories of people who have lived experience of the Victorian Mental Health System. We create art, to enable our empathy; advocating for mental health through the arts. In this work, dancers take on the role of pilgrims, exploring asylums of old. We acknowledge that the experience of mental illness is not representative of someone that is lesser but instead speaks to the strength of the human spirit against adversity.

Hear what people are saying about Sincerely Survivor…

“There are no words to truly describe that experience. You expressed what can’t be found in the writings, reports and rationales of countless people without lived experience.”

“This work of Art manages to jog our conscience to not forget those forgotten by the system” – Weekend Notes.

“I found Sincerely Survivor to be both moving and thought provoking as a clinician working in the broken health system. Absolutely…may there be more compassion, care and listening. Thank you for this remarkable work.”

“I was deeply moved… At the end I just sat quietly for a while, it deeply touched my spirit.”

Join us as we collectively sit on the edges of our seats. Awaiting a hope for a better future – of compassion, care and listening.

Tickets can be booked directly at – please also feel free to RSVP and invite friends at our facebook event here.

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