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Disability, Mental Health, and the Pandemic.

“In these moments, time changes to something we push through to reach the other side. We are well versed in holding onto the hope that things will improve.” Read our latest Blog By Sar on Disability, Mental Health, and the Pandemic.

Identity and Belonging: Cultural Relevance in Mental Health Services

“I began to realise that my inability to connect with mental health services was not for a lack of trying or because I am picky or difficult, but rather because the health systems in place are not designed to fill the needs of people like me.” Read our latest blog by VMIAC’s Lauren to see a first-gen Asian-Australian perspective on cultural relevance in mental health.

Maintaining Friendships in Lockdown

Today is International Friendship Day. This is a day to think about the important role friends and friendships play in our lives. From a mental health perspective friendship is one of the strongest support networks we have; but like most things in life, they take energy and commitment to uphold and nurture.

A Brief Introduction to Transgender Mental Health

Letting people socially and medically transition will help their wellbeing and socially including trans people, will greatly affect their lives and health; even if that means we have to make some mild accommodations along the way.

It’s All in Your Head

There is a lot of stigma towards mental health. For a lot of us who are engaged with mental health services, this is one of the most obvious statements in the world. For many of us, every day is a reminder of this very fact. We struggle to reach out because we are worried that someone will shut us down, treat our serious issues as something frivolous.

It Will Be OK

A week back into lockdown a lot of us are finding this time even harder than the first.  Check out our latest blog, on why this time is different, and why it is OK to feel this way.

How Diabetes and Chronic Health Issues impact Mental Health

Health management is a very messy thing to keep on top of. That may sound like the understatement of the year but it’s a true point that needs to be said. This week has been National Diabetes Week, and this year’s focus is on the mental health needs of people living with diabetes.

“This is the Time for OCD”

“The common misconception that Obsessive Compulsive Disorder means people are clean freaks is a frustrating one.” Our latest blog looks at what living with OCD can be like for some.

ADD is Why My Brain is a Loud Neon Rave

“This sensory soup turns every moment of your day into a loud neon rave, and you are sitting there trying to do your taxes or proof read a report.” Check out our latest consumer blog on one woman’s lived experience of living with ADD.

An Introduction to LGBTQIA+ Terminology

Happy #WearItPurple Day! Today we are rocking purple to raise awareness of LGBTQIA+ communities. To aid in the support of these communities, we have put together this helpful intro guide on some LGBTQIA+ terminology. Check it out here!


As part of Mental Health Week 2020 we developed a series of podcasts exploring the connection between mental wellbeing and community. Robin, a member of our communications team, reached out to a number of people from different walks of life, all with different lived experiences and perspectives on community and what that means for them. Listen to the series here!

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