Transgender Awareness Week

This week, as part of Transgender Awareness Week, we acknowledge the strength and determination of all trans and gender diverse individuals and their communities. This is a week of reflection and growing in understanding of all trans and gender diverse individuals. For all those who fight back against the binary, you are seen, you are heard, and you are remembered.

Trans Awareness Week is about paying attention to and learning from trans and gender diverse individuals. Trans people bring great light and variety to a world, so stringent on the concept of binary gender and their insights and experiences should be celebrated, not denied. As a result of systematic oppression, the mental health within trans and gender diverse communities is significantly worse off than the rest of the general population, and they are far more likely to face issues with housing, family violence, and substance abuse, amongst other things.

The answer to this is awareness, through understanding and education, all of us can work harder to improve the lives trans and gender diverse people. We are strong, we are powerful, but most of all we are human. This week will culminate with Trans Day of Remembrance, a day to remember all of those who are no longer with us.  Let us all take this time to reflect on how we all can work together to make the world a better place for all trans communities.

This was written by Robin, a proud transgender woman, and staff member at VMIAC.

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