Transgender Day of Visibility

Today is Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV). A day to celebrate the amazing transgender people within our community, as well as acknowledge the cultures, histories and contributions of transgender, non binary and other wonderful gender binary busting people in our day to day lives. This is also a day to grow in understanding of the current and historical barriers and discrimination transgender people still struggle with.

VMIAC is a proud supporter of transgender people, and their experiences of mental health and wellbeing. They make up our staff, our consumers, our peers, as well as our families and loved ones and we are constantly growing in our understanding and learning in how to ensure their voices are heard in the work we do, and the lives we lead.

Below we have compiled some statements from our team acknowledging the importance of trans inclusion and the trans ones in our lives.

“Being a trans woman has not been without it’s difficulties, and it has greatly impacted my mental health at times. However, it has taught me to use my experience to create space and champion other members of my community, and VMIAC has given me a platform and a place to do just that. At the end of the day, the struggles of trans people are numerous, but not always unique.

Our history and culture has been systematically hidden and destroyed, our elders shoved into closets or forced into the lowest rungs of society, but we have been around for as long as there have been human societies, going by many names in numerous cultures, and we will continue to persevere and continue to thrive. There is a lot we can all learn by bringing trans issues and experience to light and by fighting for trans liberation.”
– Robin LS, Communications Support Worker, She/Her

“Trans Day of Visibility is a big day of celebration for parents of transgender children everywhere
I am so proud of my son and his peers for showing us what a truly fair, accepting, and loving world feels like 
I look forward to the day where the richness and diversity of trans people is fully understood and embraced in communities”
– Neil Turton-Lane, Manager, NDIS Team, He/Him

Being non binary on colonised lands here on Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country means honouring histories of resistance. I always think about how folks have been resilient in the face of dominant powers, which tried to limited how they were in their bodies, how they were in relationships with beloveds. In my role as a peer worker, I think about the multiple ways people hold their most precious dreams, realities and desires close, whilst faced with so many hardships. Happy Trans Day of Visability!
Frankie . They/Them

“To the many  trans/non-binary and gender diverse people within my world, you add colour. You are valued, you are seen, you are known.”
– Janel G, She/Her

“Gender is confusing and scary, but the first time I looked in the mirror and said “Hi, I’m Andy. I’m non-binary” I finally actually felt like myself. The best way you can support the gender non-confirming and trans folks in your life is by respecting their identities. Listen to them, don’t just hear their pronouns and names, use them’
-Andy S, they/them

As an ally and friend and lover of people in the trans community- I wish nothing but happiness and visibility and freedom xx Thank you for your patience and I’m sorry it’s taking so long for the world as a whole to catch up.
-Shellie B She/her

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