Victorian Collaborative Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing – Recommendation 1

The Royal Commission recommends that the Victorian Government establishes a new entity, the Victorian Collaborative Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing. As a first step, the Mental Health Implementation Office should establish the governance of the Collaborative Centre and begin planning for a purpose-built facility in Melbourne.

The Collaborative Centre will bring people with lived experience together with researchers and experts in multidisciplinary clinical and non-clinical care to develop and provide adult mental health services, conduct research and disseminate knowledge with the aim of delivering the best possible outcomes for people living with mental illness. The centre will work within a network of partners including service and research organisations in rural and regional areas.

The Collaborative Centre will:

  • drive exemplary practice for the full and effective participation and inclusion of people with lived experience across the mental health system
  • conduct interdisciplinary, translational research into new treatments and models of care and support to inform service delivery, policy and law making
  • educate the mental health workforce through practice improvement, training and professional development programs.

 Models of care for the services the Collaborative Centre provides to its local community will reflect the Commission’s final redesign of Victoria’s mental health system

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