VMIAC Chair Arrangements Change

VMIAC welcomes Heather Pickard to the role of VMIAC Chair. This change follows Simon Katterl moving from Chair of the Committee of Management to the Chair of the Human Rights, Strategic Advocacy and Research Subcommittee that will inform VMIAC’s systemic interventions. Heather Pickard was appointed as casual member to the Committee of Management in February 2024 and has extensive experience across the mental health and AOD consumer workforce sector. Former CEO of the Self Help Addiction Resource Centre (SHARC), and current Director of the National Nurse Midwife Health Program, Heather brings decades of experience to the role.

Heather said:

“Having had a longstanding relationship with VMIAC over the past decade, I have been inspired by the passion and commitment of leaders, staff and members; and feel privileged to play my part in supporting VMIAC going forwards in this critical time of advocating for authentic systems change following the royal commission into mental health.”

Simon will now support the Committee and organisation to enhance its strategic advocacy through in his role as subcommittee chair.

Simon said:

“It’s been an honour and privilege to Chair VMIAC. But now it is time for me to handover that role to Heather – my capacities are best directed to helping us enhance our core business: demanding and driving systems change for Victorians.”

Interim CEO, Kathy Wilson, who leads VMIAC until the substantive CEO position is fulfilled said:

“The strength of the Committee of Management is now allowing VMIAC to re-activate its sub-committee structure. Through sub-committees, Committee members, members and staff will have more opportunity to collaborate in ways that add to VMIACs capacity to achieve its strategic agenda and meet the demands of the reform environment. I am privileged and delighted to be working with Heather as Chair, and Simon as sub-committee chair over the next months. I am sure I will continue to learn from and be well supported by them both in their respective roles.”

Heather takes up the role of Chair formally from 2 May 2024. The Committee is working with staff to prepare for the 2024 AGM where members will elect the VMIAC Chair for the next term.

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