VMIAC Consumer Movement Series: Our Human Rights in Law with Chris Maylea

Chris Maylea was the first to present as part of our VMIAC Consumer Movement Series, focusing his session on Our Human Rights in Law.

To download the presentation, please click the link below.

3 thoughts on “VMIAC Consumer Movement Series: Our Human Rights in Law with Chris Maylea

  1. I really appreciate VMIAC putting this event on, and sharing these powerpoint slides. Please is there a video of the presentation, and can we have the video uploaded so we can watch that? I am sure there is far more content to the presentation than these slides.

    It feels deeply ironic to me as a disabled woman, who lives in a rural area, that I need to be asking a peer led mental health and disability organisation about an access issue regarding a presentation on UNCRPD. It hurts in fact.

    You guys do such incredible stuff, but too often access feels like an afterthought :'(

    Kind regards, Kristin

    1. Hi Kristin.

      Thank you for your message. We truly apologise, but we were unable to record the presentation for various reasons. We completely understand that these events are not accessible for a lot of people, which is something we will be focusing on. Once we have any future content relating to this workshop, we will ensure it is public for you to view. We again truly apologise for this inconvenience!

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