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COVID-19 Update

With Melbourne entering stage 4 restrictions, we have collated a list of important information, news and resources about not just this lockdown, but its impact on our mental health.

Blog post: Maintaining Friendships in Lockdown

Read our blog on Maintaining Friendships in Isolation based on feedback and suggestions from our followers, members, and staff.

Remember To Wear a Mask and be Safe.

Click here to check out our rundown on Victoria’s new mask regulations. Including information on how this impacts people with mental health issues, as well as guides to making your own mask!!

Blog post: It Will Be OK

Going back into lockdown, a lot of us are finding this time even harder than the first. Check out our latest blog, on why this time is different, and why it is OK to feel this way.

Mental Health and COVID-19 Survey Findings

Overall, most respondents’ mental health was worse during COVID-19 compared to their prior situation. Females felt significantly worse than males, and referenced suicidal thoughts, attempts, or self-harm more. The highest risk age group were under 35 year-olds.

Lockdown, pre-COVID-19

Many of us have also been in lockdown prior to COVID-19. The difference between COVID-19 and personal mental health lockdowns is the language used. For some, staying home is a therapeutic solution to a difficult time. For others, a self-imposed decision to cope. For many though, it is not a choice of any kind. It is a valid, self-caring, difficult option needed to cope. COVID is a crisis that is shared. Mental health in dominant culture is not.

Mother’s Day Consumer Discussion Group

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, it is important to recognise and appreciate that this is a difficult day for many people, for countless reasons! If you need a safe space to talk amongst others who find this holiday difficult, we have set up a private group on Facebook. Whatever you are feeling this weekend, remember you are not alone! This is for anyone who has lived experience with mental health or emotional challenges, who is affected by Mother’s Day.

10 Thoughts For Coping With This Pandemic

The coronavirus crisis is placing enormous pressure on health professions at the frontline in an environment described repeatedly as “unprecedented”. While some people will have an existing mental health issue, and others might develop significant mental health issues, we have to remember that most people eventually cope with traumatic events without developing a mental health condition.

Holiday E-Cards

Easter can be a difficult time for some, and with the additional anxiety and stress from physical distancing due to COVID-19, it can feel even more daunting. Share love and compassion this Easter to those near and far with our holiday e-cards. Make someone’s day and simply download and send via email or social media.

“Most importantly, we play Scrabble!’

Easter can be a difficult time for some, and with the additional anxiety and stress from physical distancing due to COVID-19, it can feel even more daunting. Everyone has their own ways of coping; here’s how some of our VMIAC members are handling it.

Stories of Easter or Eostre

“Before Judaism and Christianity people worshiped a Goddess, the Great Earth Mother. Across the world She was celebrated at spring time in the guise of the goddess Ostara or Eostre.”

NorthWestern Mental Health Consumer Workers Resources

NorthWestern Mental Health Consumer Workers shared resources they have found useful in coping during COVID-19.

Our Physical Distancing Buddies

Here’s who has been supporting our staff members whilst working from home due to the physical distancing measures in place!

My Neighbours Care

“His instinct to help me make me happy. Irresponsible and reckless, yes. But that moment of kindness and connection momentarily eclipsed the anxiety. I love this neighbour and his dog from afar now.”

A Moment Of Wonder On A Quiet Street

“I am noticing things I have forgotten to see. Beautiful gardens. Flowers. So many birds. The patterns on people’s roofs. The things I stopped noticing in my dance routine with caffeine, traffic and noise.”

Am I Not Essential?

“The disruption of NDIS essential services caused by COVID-19 is making many of us feel non-essential in the eyes of our government.”

Business as Un-usual | Working From Home With Our Receptionist, Jopay

A day in the life of our incredible receptionist, Jopay, as she continues to keep us connected to you during these uncertain times!

As we are all self-isolating, we have decided to set up our own virtual choir! We are calling all choir leaders who would be interested to get in touch either through our private messaging on Facebook or alternatively you can send us an email at reception@vmiac.org.au. Let’s share the music!

Why we shouldn’t be using the term “Social Distancing”.

“Physical distancing and the recommendations from our health departments and governments are pivotal in slowing the spread of this virus, and hopefully containing it; but social solidarity is key to us as a community getting through this together.”

The Earth is holding us near.

This content discusses emotional issues some may find provoking.

“This morning I found myself in tears, not wanting and very nearly unable to get out of bed. This isn’t new for me as someone with chronic mental health issues. What is unusual was the feeling that I might genuinely have nothing to look forward to. A feeling that I feel is grounded more in fact than any ‘symptom’. You might have felt or thought similar things since COVID-19.”

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