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  1. Thank you for your little message. Informative as usual. In your last video message you mentioned the Consumer Register. I would be interested in participating. I sent an email asking about it but it has been three weeks and I have not received a reply. Can you send me a few details please? Thanks.

  2. Dear Tricia…my name is Evan Bichara a well known Advocate among many communities linked with MH and beyond…many years as a Community Educator on MH and the Vonsumer and even the Carer Perspectives of the Lived Experience..congratulations on your new role with VMIAC..i look forward to dialoguing with you with all aspects of MH in the near future..I am noted as the Multicultural Advisor for Lived Experience Australia…on the National Register for Mental Health Australia and a Peer Ambassador for SANE Australia. I have done research exploring the benefits of our Strengths Model of Case Management and published a book on its findings..which up to this date many Trainers of new MH Staff still use Australia wide…i am avaliable for further discussion in terms of advancing MH in Victoria..either through mobile 0411 054 882 or email..evan.bichara@bigpond.com once again congratulations on your new role…..regards Evan Bichara

  3. Hi Tricia, a belated congratulations to you on taking up the CEO role at VMIAC!

    I do hope that the job is all that you hoped for, notwithstanding these difficult times.

    I was just reaching out to see whether it might be possible to arrange a time for us to chat as I’m keen for us to build a closer relationship with VMIAC. I’m Sydney-based and would normally be down in Melbourne most weeks but COVID has changed all that. Would it work to chat over zoom perhaps?

    Look forward to connecting. Tks kindly, Jack

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