VMIAC’s Responses to the Royal Commission’s Recommendations

The Royal Commission (the Commission), after working for over two years on a review of the mental health system in Victoria, presented its report to a joint sitting of Parliament on 2 March 2021. The Report is big; five volumes with 65 recommendations covering prevention and early intervention to acute responses, the appointment of a Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission and the development of a new Mental Health and Wellbeing Act. The Report speaks to the importance of consumer leadership, the consumer workforce and community engagement, and recommends a range of new and different services.

Our Initial Response Summary

In response the Royal Commission Report We release a brief 4 page summary of our findings. This report highlights some of our key areas of interest for consumers, as well as VMIAC. Each of these points will be further fleshed out in following Summary Documents.

VMIAC’s Responses to the Royal Commission’s Recommendations

These documents are our full responses to the findings from the Mental Health Royal Commission. These reports go into detail on topics that directly impact lived experience consumers, Such as the lived experience workforce and the governance of the new system.

You can read these reports below.

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