What is the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System?

The Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System was established because there is widespread acknowledgment that mental health services have reached crisis point. Many people living with mental illness are not receiving the treatment, care and support when and where it would offer the greatest benefit. 

Throughout 2019, the Royal Commission received submissions from people living with or lived experience with mental health or emotional challenges. VMIAC also held workshops to feed into these submission. What the Royal Commission heard fed into the initial recommendations found in the interim report. These recommendations are not final and further feedback on them is needed!

The Commission has been granted a rare opportunity to make recommendations to reform the system. Although it cannot resolve all problems that have been brought to its attention, it can, and must, redress the structural deficiencies in the system.

We are now at the stage where we need feedback from consumers on these recommendations, so the Royal Commission can refine and add to them, to have a final report concluded and sent to the Victorian Government.


VMIAC will be running online workshops in June 2020. The final report from the Royal Commission will be given to the Victorian Government in February 2021.

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