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CEO Update with Craig Wallace and Fiona Reidy

Tune in for this weeks CEO update featuring VMIAC CEO Craig Wallace, and Deputy CEO Fiona Reidy as they both go over some of...

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Information session for Consumer Register

We are excited to be hosting a number of information session in regards to the VMIAC consumer register. VMIAC is staffed by people with...

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Consumers in Governance – Pilot Program

VMIAC is developing a pilot governance training program for consumers.  This is significant piece of work in anticipation of the demand for consumer leadership...

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Remunerated Workshop Opportunities

VMIAC is partnering with the University of South Australia and the National Mental Health Commission to host two remuerated focus groups which explore consumer...

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VMIAC CEO Update with Craig Wallace

Watch this weeks CEO Update to find out about paid workshop opportunities, as well as some important news about proposed constitutional amendments at this...

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Executive Assistant Position

Executive Assistant Position VMIAC is currently advertising for an Executive Assistant. This role is perfect for someone talented at providing proactive, timely and confidential...

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VMIAC Membership Update

We wished to update the membership base on what’s happening behind the scenes at VMIAC in relation to the Membership and the Consumer Register.    You may...

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CEO Update with Craig Wallace | 12.11.21

A week after the awards, and only a bit to go before the AGM, there is so much going on at VMIAC. Watch this...

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Mary O’Hagan as the Victorian Government’s first Executive Director of Lived Experience.

VMIAC is excited to hear of the appointment of Mary O’Hagan as the Victorian Government first Executive Director of Lived Experience. Mary O’Hagan has...

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