VMIAC NDIS Appeals and Reviews Service
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NDIS Information

VMIAC provides a range of information, resources for consumers to assist them  in understanding and engaging with the NDIS around their psychosocial disability support needs.


Join Jess, VMIAC’s NDIS Educator on a journey to learn about the NDIS on Scheme Dreams.

Each episode of Scheme Dreams will feature Jess speaking to a person with a professional perspective and a person with a lived experience perspective. Follow the Scheme Dreams journey to learn more about the NDIS and how it could help you.

Scheme Dreams Episode 1: What is the NDIS?

dreamsIn the very first episode of Scheme Dreams, Jess speaks with Neil, VMIAC’s NDIS manager about what the NDIS is, eligibility criteria for the NDIS and how the NDIS can help people with psychosocial disability (disability caused by a mental health condition). Jess also speaks with Fiona, a participant on the NDIS, about her experiences applying for and living on the NDIS. Download full transcript here.

Based on Episode 1 of Scheme Dreams, would you consider applying for the NDIS?


Consumers speak and we listen. In response to an overwhelming request for further information on the NDIS, VMIAC have produced an animated YouTube 6-part series titled The NDIS and You. This series, developed in small biteable chunks, provides a snapshot of the NDIS process for consumers with mental health conditions. The series includes:

  • Part 1 – Introduction
  • Part 2 – Is the NDIS for you?
  • Part 3 – Eligibility Criteria
  • Part 4 – The Access Request Form
  • Part 5 – The Planning Meeting
  • Part 6 – How to Appeal
The NDIS and YOU: Part 1 – Introduction

The NDIS and You: Part 2 – Is the NDIS for me?

The NDIS and You: Part 3 – Eligibility Criteria

The NDIS and You: Part 4 – The Access Request Form

The NDIS and You: Part 5 – The Planning Meeting

The NDIS and You: Part 6 – How to Appeal a decision

More NDIS Resources:

VMIAC Annual Plan Review Guide

Annual Plan Cover
Download A4 Annual Plan Review Guide
A simple easy to read guide that demystifies
the Annual Plan Review process for consumers

VMIAC NDIS Appeals and Reviews Guide

A Starters Guide to appealing or asking for a review
of a NDIS Decision

appeals reviews cover

Download A4 Appeals and Reviews Guide

Resources for medical and allied health professionals: The NDIS and mental health
A short video for health professionals

Access to the NDIS  for mental health consumers generally requires a level of supporting documentation. VMIAC has created a short video for medical practitioners and other mental health staff to assist them in their report writing.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme, or NDIS, is a new Federal funding initiative currently being rolled out across the country. It is a huge reform to how disability services will be delivered in Australia. In the words of the NDIA, people with disability are to have: “control and choice of reasonable and necessary supports to help them live an ordinary life.”

Flyer and detailed booklet for health professionals

We’ve developed these printed resources to help you support your patients to apply for the NDIS.
Psychosocial disability is still a new concept for many people, and the NDIS application process can be tricky—we hope this makes it easier.

Download A4 booklet

Supporting people with mental health needs to access the NDIS: Detailed information for medical and allied health professionals

Download DL Flyer

Mental health and the NDIS: Supporting your patients to apply for support

VMIAC NDIS Appeals and Reviews Service

Have you been denied access to the NDIS or wish to appeal a decision made about your NDIS Plan?

VMIAC has been funded to provide support to people wanting to challenge decisions made by the National Disability Insurance Agency.

Our NDIS Appeals & Reviews Service is staffed by advocates who can assist you by providing advice and information and support about requesting a review of decisions made by the NDIA with regards to:

  • Access to the NDIS
  • Plans
  • Reviews

If required our Advocacy Service can also support and work with you about taking your appeal to the Administrative AppealsTribunal and with applying for free Legal Assistance to assist you at Tribunal hearings

The VMIAC NDIS Appeals & Reviews Service is a Statewide Service with specialist knowledge about Mental Health and the NDIS contact with us by calling Reception at VMIAC on 9380 3900 or email your enquiry to appeals@vmiac.org.au