The Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System

In 2021 the VicThe Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System delivered its final report on 3 February 2021 and it was tabled in Parliament by the Victorian Government on 2 March 2021. This report marked a massive shift in advocating for positive change for lived experience consumers. Many of these recomendations reflected the needs of lived experience consumers and the governments dedication to enacting these changes has so far been very exciting. The final report can be read here.

Royal Commission Summaries.

Our 4 Page Brief Summary Response to the Royal Commissions final report was released as a pre-cruser to our more detailed reports. This summary highlight the key areas of interest to VMIAC and our members.

We are also in the process of publishing a number of more detailed responses to the Royal Commissions findings. These reports are based on some briefings we held earlier in 2021, after the release of the report, that highlighted some of the topics we found most addressed the needs and interests of our members. These briefings also gave and opportunity for feedback from our members, prior to the writing of our official reports. (More information on these briefings can be found here.)

Click the links below to download the reports

Act on the Act

The push for Changing the Mental Health Act was a key concern of our members, and we were very excited by the announcement that this change was one of the first things that would be implemented as part of the Royal Commissions recommendations. Act on the Act became our name for our campaign to ensure consumers were heards as this new act was drafted.

You can find our Act on the Act report, submission and launch, by clicking here

Our team annalysing the report on the day of it’s release.

Interim Report Responses

Following the establishment of the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health Services in early 2019, we worked with consumers to input into the Royal Commission, as well as respond to their Interim Report’s recommendations. We were really excited to find that the work we did in repose to the interim report, influenced positive change in the final report.

Click here to read more about our involvement with the Royal Commission.

‘Serious and persistent mental illness’ Response

The Royal Commission has also requested for us to respond to a variety of questions relating to issues affecting consumers labelled with “serious and persistent mental illness”.

Welcome To Our Future: Based on the key themes that emerged from these surveys and workshops, we created a video.

Further support:

Imagine a mental health system that meets the needs of consumers and carers: Croakey

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